My Journey

AWARE.ORG.ZA | Social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook

Brief: For this brief, we were tasked with creating a social media campaign for '' on the dangers of underage drinking.

Insight and process: We chose the parents of underage drinkers as our target audience. Our concept was to use the reflection of children's different drinking objects to represent parents indirectly and negatively influencing their children to drink. I wrote the tagline and copy for the social media posts. Cody and Natalie designed the graphics and video.

Creative collaborators: Cody Losper and Natalie Ray.

TRIP ADVISOR | Social media community activity & customer service on LinkedIn and Facebook

Brief: Create a community activity for a brand on social media and identify the appropriate target audience. I also had to create a social media post to build engagement between the brand and a different target segment, and respond to a customer service simulation.

Insight and process: Small businesses were suffering severe financial losses because of COVID-19, and businesspeople who usually travelled all over the world for work, suddenly couldn't. I wanted to create an activity that offered tangible help to small businesses, and also offered some entertainment for business people who were unable to travel because of the pandemic. I chose LinkedIn for the community activity, and Facebook for the engagement post - these suited the individual target segments.

FARM2TABLE | Digital presence and marketing strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and a website

Brief: Create an online presence for a small local business that had suffered as a result of COVID-19. This involved creating a content plan, identifying a target audience, creating a website, and putting together a presentation to introduce the new digital strategy.

Insight and process: I chose a local business called Farm 2 Table and rolled out the content plan across Facebook and Instagram. I noted how small businesses were gaining visibility on Instagram and attracting support, especially from young adults looking to buy from smaller brands, and aimed to establish Farm 2 Table as one of these small local businesses.


Brief: I had to conceptualise, write the script, film, and edit a video that represented my resonance with one of Red and Yellow's values.

Insight and process: I chose the value of "Persistence" and related it to my writing journey and insecurities. I didn't want the narrative to be too literal, chose not to rely on music and set design instead of dialogue, and I purposefully used symbolism to convey the different emotions and the sinister, dramatic tone.

AMY NIKITA - My personal brand | Podcast series

Brief: Create a podcast series for a brand, research and identify a target audience, write the scripts (and draw up a storyboard for the trailer) and perform post production.

Insight and process: I wanted to raise awareness about the dangers of romanticised abuse in books and films. Romanticised abuse is not something many people consider dangerous, and I wanted to change that; by choosing a target audience (young adults) who are vocal on social media about important issues, I hoped to raise that awareness.